Some objects, like these, come in a vision. Out of the blue, they arrive asking to be made.

At first, I called them Djinn jars.
The name was as a kind of pun because the profile was similar to traditional Ginger jars and because of the mystical manner of their arrival.

I imagine them acting as sacred portals through which benevolent spirits could be accessed and ones wishes therefore fullfilled, or through which one could pass to other worlds.

Potters have long had a fascination with the interior of the vessel from Lao Tse’s assertion that the soul of the potter resides inside giving the power and quality to the pot to the Zulu ceremonial beer drinkers who see the inside as a portal to the ancestors.

I renamed them for the Zulu vessels (Ukhamba) and for Hecate the goddess of the crossroads and between ways.

Hecate is the greek triple bodied goddess of magic and holds the keys to the other worlds. As goddess of magic whe is approached to ask for wishes to be fulfilled. She is generally protective and benevolent. Also known as a guardian of the cross roads..

Hecate Jars