Artist Statement


Leora Honeyman is a speculative artist centred in the crafts of ceramics and glass. 

Her work makes use of the embedded languages of functional objects to imply parallel cultural trajectories . Her recent collections respond to imagined missing legacies, presenting magical items that are intended to provoke consideration of the cultural absentia resulting from the holocaust of the witches. The usefulness of her objects is frequently unclear such as in her “Nectar Vessels” and the “Djinn jars” whilst hinting at unfamiliar cultural practice, with the intention of prompting the viewer to question their expectations and to spotlight ‘other-hoods’.

Working across multiple processes, she employs her acquired skills, craftsmanship and empathic understanding of materials in unusual ways to produce unexpected results. Digitally produced geometries are subjected to unpredictable, alchemic, material transformations in order to synthesise organic influences, while pattern and purpose are transplanted from their usual associations offering end results which sit outside convention and further encourage the otherworldly interpretation of the work.