Abstract - Beyond the Rupture


I produce speculative works which consider possible alternative, parallel and future contexts alongside the complex weave of known cultural influence.

Delicacy, fragility, and precarity are introduced as both metaphor and mechanism, confiding a sense of wonder within the ‘otherness’ of the works.

Stretching the expected capabilities or appearances of materials, I raise questions which result in objects that are ambiguous, therefore allowing them a commentary on ‘other’; the other than known; the other than understood, the other than this.

By citing varied influences; traditional pattern and form, beside intricate bio-geometries and overt materiality, I am weaving a syntax which aims to communicate the fluidity of the times.

Objects themselves become narrators; hybridities of globalism that seek to display varied potential arrangements from pan-societal fragments.

Appropriation is exchanged for an object based mind-map of info-dumped trans-global, trans-cultural media content.

By liberating associations, meta-objects are formed that may be considered part of an emerging paradigm, beyond the rupture and as yet undefined.

‘Use’ becomes a device, giving rise to questions; Who? Why? How?

The treatment of function as culturally and temporally subjective drives a wedge between assumed understanding and innocence. The object becomes new again. Available to discovery and free interpretation.

Fabricated, they become world-bridging devices offering the potential to cross from the known and understood to somewhere else. The elsewhere is undefined, undecided. As yet still in flux.

Exploratory research fragments are treated as work in their own right and the anima of everything is held in high regard.

- Leora Honeyman 2023