Leora Honeyman

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Artist Statement


Centred in ceramics and glass, my practice re-imagines functional objects, raising questions of diversity within a societal and cultural framework. 

By liberating associations of pattern, materiality, origin and purpose, hybridised items are created that suggest an alternate world view.

Digitally produced bio-geometries and overt materialities are cited alongside familiar patterns and forms to loosen context, allowing the viewer perspective from habitual conceptions or refuge from convention.

Through attention to craftmanship and by employing metaphors such as fragility, delicacy and precarity as means to create intimacy, I aim to confide a sense of wonder within the otherness of the works.


- Leora Honeyman 2023



Leora was born in Zimbabwe to artist-activist parents and her early years were divided between their wildness and the wild and magical ecology of the land.

She carved out her first career, by this time in the UK, creating psychedelic environments for clubs and festivals allowing her to develope a broad and varied material fluency and from which she moved into a formal training and subsequent practice in architectural design.

Breaking to raise a child, she returned to her artistic practice with an interest in ceramics, studying ceramics and glass at the Royal College of Art where she developed her practice and has emerged as a noteable maker of collectible design pieces.




2022 - Hand made, Gallery Fumi (curated selection)

2022 - The Amber Rooms, The Round House, London (curated selection)

2022 - PAD Design, London (curated selection)

2022 - Summer Show, Gallery Fumi (curated selection)

2022 - Formed with Future Heritage, Design Centre Chelsea (curated selection)

2022 - Cluster Crafts (curated selection)

2022 - Royal College of Art Graduation Show (group show)

2022 - Artefact, QEST, Design Centre Chelsea (curated selection)

2022 - Melting Point, Home of Preston Fitzgerald (group show)

2022 - A Line Made by Walking, Upper Gelbenkian Gallery, Royal College of Art (curated selection)

2022 - Breaking with Tradition: British Ceramics Biennial, Burton at Bideford (curated selection)

2021 - British Ceramics Biennial, Fresh Talent (Awarded), Stoke on Trent,(curated selection)

2021 - The Power of Material: From Virtual to Physical, Design Museum (group show)

2021 - Sketch, 11 Avenue Studios, London (group show)

2020 - Royal College of Art WIP show (group show)

Awards and Prizes

2021 - Fresh Talent Prize Residency Winner, British Ceramics Bienalle

2021 - Fresh Talent Selected Exhibitor, British Ceramics Bienalle

2021 - Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust  Scholar 2021


2019 - 2022 MA Royal College of Art Ceramics and Glass

2000 - 2003 BA  University of Brighton Interior Architecture


2022 - Ceramic Review, Issue 318, p19

2022 - Craft Magazine Online


2022 - London Art Roundup


2022 - Emerging Potters Magazine


2021 - UK Ceramics Org


2021 - Emerging Potters Magazine



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“Lava Lamp”

Mixing pattern syntaxes across industrial, biomorphic and material languages, the piece declines categorisation.
Soup-like, the references question origin. A artifact collected from elsewhere or did it grow? Perhaps a coral... Variously sized glass bulbs extrude to form tentacular lamp lights reaching upwards as if about to melt away from the body and float free. 
The precarity of the balancing structure echoes the precarity of the times and remembers  balancing rock formations which, although appearing unstable, are immoveabl for aeons.